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“The year is nineteen-ninety-nine.”

That sentence brings me back to my senior kindergarten class when I was five years old, where we used to read out the date on the blackboard every single day. The year 1999 exists as a stain in mind however, as a memory that will not go away no matter how I try to forget it. 1999 marked the year I lost my first tooth, my first time on a plane, and unfortunately the early loss of my childhood innocence.

That one memory that refuses to be wiped, it all started with that new (Or old) TV. At that time Pokémon was the latest fad to hit the school. Pokémon cards, games, stickers, and the most popular, the TV show. So of course every time I came home from school, I would stay glued to the TV until Pokémon came on at five. The only problem was that my dad watched the news at 5:30, and Pokémon episodes were back-to-back, which meant I had to miss an episode everyday, something I whined on and on about. My dad got tired of hearing me complain everyday, that must be why he went and bought another TV.

My dad put the TV he bought in my room, unfortunately it was just an old, small boob tube, with rabbit ears even. It also only had 20 channels available; not including the channel Pokémon was on. I recall I didn’t care though, I was just thrilled I had my own TV in my room. After surfing through the channels, I came to the conclusion that only channel 2 (TVO kids) was worth watching so I watched that for a while. It wasn’t for another few months until I discovered channel 21. One day in April, I was flipping through the channels, trying to see if Pokémon was on. I pressed channel 21 into the remote, hoping there were more channels, and to my delight there was. My dad was surprised too, but he let me watch it because it seemed to have kids programs on. The channel was called Caledon Local. 21 and later I found out it was indeed broadcasted from the town of Caledon, Ontario, a town very close to my city.

The shows I saw on Caledon Local 21 looked poorly made, and I never understood what was going on in them half the time. However as I grew up, every time I thought of that channel, I realized more and more how messed up the shows were and I had to ask myself “What the fuck was I watching?”

The following is a list of shows and episodes I remember seeing on Caledon Local 21, how I remember such detail even disturbs me, but I guess things like this stands out in your mind for a while. There were only three shows I could find on the channel, probably because the channel was only operational between 4:00pm and 9:00pm

April, 1999

Booby-Episode 6: “Together”: I recall Booby was a show where the characters were simply live action hands, no puppets or anything, just hands. The show featured a hand named Booby who found himself in a new situation every episode. The show was only 5 minutes long, and looked like it was shot in front of a damp, decaying wall, with the hands always on a table with a red table cloth(Very low budget obviously). This was the first episode I watched. The episode began with Booby trying to get ketchup out of a bottle. It actually showed him beating himself against the bottom of the bottle for like 3 minutes. Finally another hand came by and looked at Booby. “Together” The other hand said, and it began beating the bottle as well, until some ketchup finally squirted out all over the table (I remember chuckling slightly at this part). Booby then stared at the ketchup mess for a few seconds, before turning towards the camera as it slowly zoomed in on him.

Mr.Bear’s Cellar-Episode 12 : Very sketchy name if you were to look at it now a days. The show featured a guy wearing a bear mascot costume who would get a new visitor into his cellar everyday (It was always a kid). The show was filmed with a camcorder and not a very good one either. The police asked me a lot of questions about this show. This episode started with Mr. Bear sitting at a table playing checkers by himself (I didn’t recognize it at first, but the table was the same one from Booby). He sat there playing for a bit until there was a knock on the door. The camera was then looking up the stairs at the door, where there was another knock. Mr. Bear climbed the stairs, and opened the door to reveal 2 young children. One was a boy about my age, and the other was a girl who looked about 8. Mr. Bear danced in delight, and then started talking to the kids; I couldn’t hear any of them that well I remember though. Mr. Bear then lead the kids into the cellar, which was quite dark, only lit by a small oil lamp on the table. I can’t really remember that much more, except him singing a song which I couldn’t hear too well either (Probably because of that large bear mask). The episode ended with them playing hide-and-seek, with the kids hiding in a closet, and Mr. Bear counting.

May 1999

Soup and Spoon: I don’t think this was even a show, I think it was more of a special movie thing. All I know is I stopped watching Caledon Local 21 for a while because I thought this show was too stupid, especially since Pokemon now came on at 4:30 and 5:00. I don’t remember much of this, but it showed a can of soup and a spoon both attached to strings, swinging back and forth, as if someone was holding them and dangling them in front of the camera. Interestingly enough, the show was shot in a basement, which looked just like the one used in Mr. Bear’s Cellar. Like I said, I can’t remember much, the only thing I can remember clearly was the end. The entire thing was only half an hour, and just include stuff I found stupid, such as the spoon chasing the soup around trying to “Eat him”. The ending showed a table (The one from Booby once again) and about 7 kids sitting around it, each with a bowl of soup in front of him. They were sitting and looking at the camera, but with confused, almost frightened faces. The camera man then held the can of soup in front of the kids and said “Spooooons ready?” And then it just stopped.

July 1999

It was summer, and I hadn’t watched channel 21 for a while. Until one day when I slept over at my friend’s house I decided to check it out again. My friend had gotten a TV in his room for his sixth birthday, so we stayed up very late (For us, 9:30 was very late) and watched TV. That’s when I remembered channel 21 and brought it up to my friend. We decided to see if it was on, and to our surprise it was (They must have changed the broadcasting time).

Mr. Bear’s Cellar-Episode 23: This episode was entertaining for my friend and I, mainly because it had swearing. However, now when I think of this episode, I realize something was definitely wrong when it was filmed. The episode started with the camera on its side, while it was facing Mr. Bear, who was walking up stairs to the cellar door. The camera then blacked out for about a second, before fading in, back upright, and facing Mr. Bear. There was also another kid talking to him, but this kid looked about 11 or 12. He was talking to Mr. Bear for a while, but I couldn’t hear well (Again with the crappy camcorder) until the kid started raising his voice. The kid was saying how it was late and his sister had to go home, you could also hear more voices in the background. I remember Mr. Bear clearly saying “Get the fuck out, you're not invited” with a deep voice muffled by the bear mask. I remember my friend and I looking at each other and laughing at the mention of the forbidden F word, but the episode got weirder. The kid began climbing the stairs before turning around and saying how he was going to call the police. Mr. Bear began breaking into a run towards the kid, who started screaming and running as well. The camera then cut out, and that was the end of the episode. The channel then turned to static shortly after.

Booby-episode 42: “Playing with scissors”: One rainy afternoon I was bored, so I decided to watch channel 21. When I started watching, some show about a guy sitting in an arm chair was just finishing, I forget what it was about though. When I first saw this episode, I thought it was for teenagers because it had blood in it, and it was very gross. When the police told me everything, I now know who the blood belonged to. The episode showed Booby and another hand with a ribbon around the pinkie finger (Booby’s girlfriend). Booby was holding scissors and hopping around back and forth, while his girlfriend slowly swung around aimlessly. Another hand shot onto the scene, this hand was smaller though and was jerking around violently, as if someone under the table was forcing the hand (And I later found out this was the case) “Scissors are very dangerous kids, so hold them safely” Booby said to the camera. I noticed I could also hear muffled screams, but I wasn’t sure where it was coming from because of the bad sound quality. Booby’s girlfriend grabbed the smaller hand, which was thrashing about, and Booby went at it with the scissors. He started with the thumb, He opened the scissors wide and clasped them onto the thumb, blood began oozing out and the muffled screams were now very loud. My five year old self was very grossed out and that’s when I decided maybe Booby was a show meant for teenagers or grown ups. Then the scissors got to the bone, a horrible crunching noise was heard, and that’s when I turned the TV off. I never discussed it with my dad because I feared he would limit my TV time.

August, 1999

I didn’t want to watch channel 21 after that Booby episode. In August I grew more curious to see Mr. Bear’s cellar for some reason though. The last episode I saw of Mr. Bear was weird, and had swearing, which also made me think the show was meant for teenagers. Nonetheless, I flipped onto channel 21 when my dad was busy.

Mr. Bear’s Cellar-Episode 28: Apparently this episode had been playing the entire month of August. This episode was studied a lot by the police. The entire episode was just Mr. Bear sitting in a chair talking to the audience. “Hello kids! Do you want to visit my cellar? If you do, please write me a letter at this address!” The screen then switched to a white screen with multi-coloured letters reading the address, and that was what remained for the rest of the episode.

And Guess what I actually did? I sent “Mr. Bear”, or that sick bastard who portrayed him a letter. I did it out of curiosity mostly; my dad was OK with it because he thought it was a legit kid show, but then again he never saw any of what was on channel 21. So I wrote a letter using my best writing possible, I think I just said how I wanted to meet Mr. Bear, and if Booby also lived in the cellar. So my dad sent the letter to the address Mr. Bear said on the show (It stayed on all day anyway for some reason.)

It took about a week to get a response, which I was surprised I did. I still have the letter I received August 15, 1999. The letter read:

“Dear Elliot, Thank you ever so-much for your letter, I would love to have you in my cellar! We play games, watch movies, and go fire camping in the middle of the woods!

“And yes, Booby does live in my cellar; he is a good friend of mine!

“Come to my house at (The police cut out this address), 'Caledon', 'Ontario', 'CA'.

“I look very forward to having fun with you!

Love Mr. Bear”

I can not believe my dad never found this sketchy, because he actually took me to the house. And then that’s when the police became involved, those endless questions, those pictures of terrified kids, the woods……

That brings me to why I’m writing this blog, that psycho and his friends did some fucked up shit back then, and now it seems he’s trying to get into contact me again, the entire police thing is coming back. That has brought 1999 back to me, over a decade later it is happening again.

1999. [Update]-09/21/11

People have been emailing me asking what exactly happened in 1999, I will get to that. Those weird TV shows I was watching apparently were meant to attract kids to Mr. Bear's house, what Mr. Bear did shocked the entire town.

My dad actually drove me to Caledon along with the address Mr.Bear left on the letter. The house was actually in the out skirts of the town, in the open farmland. I still remember that house. It looked like an older farmhouse that looked to have been built in the early 1900s. The windows were all boarded up, and the house looked in a state of disrepair. As we walked up to the house, I remember my dad checking the address over and over again and looking at the house in disbelief. Then the door opened. I expected Mr.Bear to be at the door, but I was surprised to see a police officer emerge from the creaking door. The officer began talking to my dad, while I quickly asked if that was Mr. Bear's house. The officer's face cringed slightly and muttered "Oh God" or something like that, He started talking quietly to my dad so I couldn't hear, although my dad told me to go to the car anyway. And then we just went home. My dad was quiet the whole way home. I felt something strange had happened.

My dad never told me what happened for a while, I forgot about it anyway too. Channel 21 no longer came on, and when I asked about it my dad would not acknowledge its existence. I think it was when I was 13 where I learned the truth. I remembered channel 21 one day, and asked my dad about it. I guess he finally decided I should hear the truth.

Caledon Local 21 was a local TV channel that ran from October 1997-August 1999 in the Peel Region of Ontario. The entire channel was made from a house in Caledon (The one I visited) and run by a man who was not really known by anyone in the town. The channel was only available to older TVs because the signal was one only picked up by rabbit ears (Weaker frequency). The man created all the shows on the channel, all of which were kid shows. His hand was Booby, He was Mr. Bear, and he was the mysterious cameraman. The real reason he created the channel was more disturbing than what was originally thought. As you might have already guessed, he kidnapped kids and held them in his cellar. But while most people though he was a serial child molester, he really wanted to use the kids for another purpose. The day I arrived, the man had fled his house the night before, the day before the police went in for their investigation. I wasn't the only one who was watching.


Sorry for not answering any questions for so long, I haven’t accessed my email account for some time. Anyway let me finally set things straight about what I know. Back in October, I visited the house previously owned by the man who ran Caledon Local 21. Two women lived there, operating a day care business……how ironic. Now to answer the questions you guys emailed to me:

Q: Who else watched Caledon' Local 21?

A: I know other people watched it for sure, including those kids who wound up at Mr. Bear’s house. After some google searches, I found a few people on the Neoseeker forums who were discussing shows from Caledon Local 21. They talked about the kids shows I watched, but also two other shows I had never seen before. A user named iamreallife seemed to know all the shows that were broadcasted on channel 21; here are the two I’ve never heard of:

The Fallen Angel and Life - iamreallife described it as a fairly boring show about a guy rambling on and on in front of the camera about how we must please Satan and appease him before it is too late.
Paint With The Soul - iamreallife and another user called sigy92 were discussing this show. They described it as “Blair Witch like” as it consisted of the cameraman wandering around a forest at night, doing nothing particularly interesting.

I’ll go looking for the conversation and see if I can get the link.

Q: Where is Mr. Bear, or the guy who wore the costume?

A: If I did know, I would have said earlier. I have no idea where this guy is, if he’s dead or alive (Hopefully dead). When I see my dad’s friend next time I will ask him about this, maybe I can get a more definite answer.

Q: What did Mr. Bear do to the children?

A: This is by far the most common question I’ve been asked. I found this out in October as well, via my dad’s friend who is a retired Caledon regional officer. Apparently the man playing Mr. Bear took the kids out of the house and into the forest nearby. What he did there, police are not exactly sure how it happened, but 16 charred bodies of children between the ages of 4-13 were found in a 15x15 foot ditch deep within the forest. My dad’s friend did not want to go into exact details, but I’m seeing him next Thursday anyway, so maybe I can extort more information from him then.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for keeping an interest in my blog, I will try to gather as much information as I can for my next post. I’ve actually been getting pretty interested in this my self. It should be my right to know what the hell happened.


I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while, I kind of lost interest in this blog since I hit a stand still while looking for more information about the identity of the owner of Caledon Local 21.

However a few weeks ago, I struck gold. I found some answers surprisingly from the father of a kid I used to babysit. He lives just across from my street, and I used to look after his kids when they were younger, he currently doesn’t have a job either. He used to live near the woods outside of Caledon, and witnessed the owner’s activities in the woods. His name is Anthony Pollo. When he lived in the small bungalow outside the woods, he would often venture in to smoke a joint of marijuana or two before returning to his work as a wood craftsman. Pollo described that sometimes he would hear voices of children coming from deeper within the woods, as well as a glowing light off in the distance. Pollo told me these events started in late 1997 (Note: This is around the time Caledon Local 21 began airing.) He apparently became annoyed by this happening every once in a while and actually went to investigate. Pollo then described what the whole scene looked like when he got there. There was a group of kids (He said about 13-17) and ages 5–12 gathered around a large fire pit with a burning fire. With them was a single adult. Pollo talked to the man (Noting his unusual unkempt appearance of a crack addict, as well as his constant twitching) and asked what he was doing out in the forest with children. The man said they were on a camping trip, something they did frequently. Pollo, not suspecting anything (Caledon has one of the lowest crime rates in Canada) simply left it at that and told them to be quieter. Pollo then paused for a while before telling me that they never became quieter, in fact sometimes he heard loud chanting from the children in an unknown language. He didn’t bother meeting with the man again, as he was moving anyway.

I told Pollo that the man was probably the owner of Caledon Local 21, but he doubted it, as he heard that the man was moving to Pickering by several other residents near that area.

Here is what I know now:

  • The Man would take kids into the woods regularly for “camping”
  • The fire pit Pollo described may be the hole the bodies of the children were found in
  • The children Pollo saw are probably the ones found dead
  • The man moved to a city called Pickering (A smaller city east of Toronto)

I will discuss this with my dad’s friend (The ex-cop) and see if this matches anything the police knew about the man. I also want to see if he has any other knowledge of what was aired on Caledon Local 21.


Good news guys, I talked to my dad’s friend and he disclosed a lot of information for me. First I asked if the police had any information on the man who ran Caledon Local 21, he replied that they have only had the same leads for years and never found a suspect. However, the Peel regional police do have some of the tapes found in the house Caledon Local 21 was broadcasted from, he took me over so I could watch a few. I guess I haven’t said much about him yet, my dad’s friend’s name is Mitchell Wilson, a pretty nice guy, he seems to understand my thirst for knowledge on what happened during the late 90s in that house. He feels it was wrong that my dad went so long without telling me much.

He took me to the Davis road police station (If you don’t know, it’s the largest station in Caledon, and one of the largest within the Peel region itself.) Each of the main stations around Peel have some of the tapes, the Davis road station has 3. I got to watch all of them. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take any home for obvious reasons.

Booby-Episode 2: “Friends Are Like Flowers”: This was one of the first Booby episodes made. The camera quality looked crappier than usual (Possibly an even older camcorder) but the scene was set in the same place as the Booby episodes usually took place. I recognized it instantly. The episode began with Booby swaying back and forth contently for a few seconds before another hand entered. The other hand was much smaller, looking as if it belonged to a young child. The smaller hand eagerly began bouncing around before sliding up to Booby, bringing it’s fingertips together to “Kiss” Booby. After a few seconds, Booby grabbed the smaller hand and squeezed it tightly. This continued for at least 10 seconds before the camera slowly panned left until the hands were out of sight. The camera continued panning until it showed a wilted daisy lying by itself. The camera then zoomed in on the daisy slowly as a little girl’s voice became audible saying “Friends are like flowers in the garden of life.” The episode then ended.

Paint With The Soul-Episode 10: “Garbage Thrown Away”: Paint With The Soul was one of the shows that iamrealife and sigy92 discussed on neoseeker. I told the police about this and they informed me that 12 episodes of the show were made and broadcasted between December 5, 1997' and 'January 8, 1998'. Exactly as iamrealife and sigy92 described, the episode opened with the camera man wondering around in a forest. It appeared to be during the evening as it seemed the sun was setting. The camera man walked along a path until he got to an area where there was a lot of garbage laying in the leaves. The camera looked around at the various wrappers, bottles, bags, and boxes, making sure each item got a few seconds of screen time. The camera then focused into a single area before the man spoke. I recall he spoke in a very timid quiet voice, and I swear I’ve heard it somewhere else before, like on another Caledon Local 21 show. I could barely hear what he was saying, but he mainly talked about how humans are garbage, or something that had to do with saving ourselves by cleaning up the garbage (us). It actually sounded really stupid, but still a feeling of dread came over me, I mean that forest was possibly where those bodies were found, right?

Mr. Bear’s Cellar-Episode 25: When the police administrator brought this tape in, I actually said “Ohhh shit” and chuckled a bit out loud. Of course I got stares from the staff, but Wilson' explained to them about my little experience with Mr. Bear and how I still kept the letter he sent me. Like the previous episodes, this one included a guy wearing a bear mascot costume. The Episode began with Mr. Bear waddling over to the red clothed table with a bottle of orange juice in his hands (paws?). On the table were 16 shot glasses as well as a small bottle that contained an unknown liquid. Mr. Bear poured an equal amount of orange juice into each glass before opening the smaller bottle and depositing one drop into the glasses. Mr. Bear then went off-camera, there were some minor sounds such as shuffling, and then Mr. Bear emerged from behind the camera’s location. Following him were 16 children, some looked as young as 4, others looked like they were practically teenagers. As the children entered, the administrator commented that this is the only episode that showed all 16 victims. The kids all looked rather content except for this one who had visible bruises on his face, and unlike the other kids he had a more fearful expression. He also looked about 11-12, which caused me to recognize him. He was the kid who had asked about his sister and subsequently met an unknown fate at the end of episode 23, that one episode I watched during July 1999. When I told the administrator this, he confirmed it was the same kid, he was also featured in episode 24 (An episode that only aired once at 3:00 in July 1999, the police have still not found the tape). Mr. Bear then broke into song, singing about citrus fruits and how good vitamin C was for you (I could barely hear the lyrics as they were muffled by the bear mask). The kids all drink their juice (The one from episode 23 doing it rather reluctantly), and the episode ended.

After viewing the 3 tapes in possession of the Davis road police station, I’m satisfied, but only temporary. I still want to know the full story, the police just keep giving me the same crap about the creator of Caledon Local 21 being a fetishist pedophile as well as an apparent cultist. I will sign off for now, get into university first, get information later. Hopefully I will get back to this blog as soon as possible.


On April 17th I finally got my G2 licence (In Ontario, Canada this allows you to drive in a car by yourself as well as with some passengers after 6 months.) I of course took advantage of this and drove into Caledon for a little “Sunday drive”. Since I haven’t updated this blog in a while, I figured I might as well visit the house where the infamous channel of my childhood was located. The house looked different than when I last saw it in October. The place was no longer used as a day care, and just sat there abandoned. However it did have a “For Sale” sign showing that someone still owned it, wanting to get rid of it though. The abandoned house drew fuzzy memories from my mind; mainly of that day my dad took me to visit Mr. Bear. A feeling of dread came upon me, what happened to the children while they were living in that house? I walked up the steps to the front door and peered through the window. Inside I could see a nearly empty hallway with a few boxes at the end. At the end of the hallway to the right was an open doorway presumably leading to the kitchen. To the left were two doors, both apparently leading to the rooms visible through the windows outside. I wondered where the cellar entrance was located and whether it had been sealed up. I walked around to the back of the house and found my answer. Two wooden doors lying at an almost flat angle were padlocked shut, this had to lead to the cellar. Not wanting to hang around (You cannot imagine what was going through my mind at that time) I departed.

Behind the house, the empty field continued on until it reached a dense forest that lined the horizon. I wondered if that was the forest where the bodies of the children were found. I thought to myself “Fuck it” and proceeded to walk across the field behind the house into the forest. The forest was oddly quiet, save for the few periodic sounds of a woodpecker drilling into a distant tree. I cautiously made my way deeper into the woods, not really caring about the fact that I had no idea where I was going. I don’t know how to explain it, but it felt like there was something I had to find. I came to a thinner part of the woods and few small houses in the distance. Pollo’s house crossed my mind and I wondered if one of these homes had belonged to him. I neared a small clearing in which I could see 3 adequately sized logs gathered around a black, charred area (Showing a small fire had been lit there recently.)

“HEY! GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR FORT” Those words nearly gave me a heart attack. I turned to my left and saw two dark-clothed people running towards me. My initial thought was to run, however as they came closer I saw they were really just kids in their early teens, possibly 13 or 14, maybe even 12. As they approached me, they realized my size as well, I’m 6’1 while they could have been no bigger than 5’8 (One might have been 5’7). “We said…get the fuck out.” The larger one who was wearing a Slipknot shirt said half-heartedly. I stood my ground and shrugged. The shorter one who was wearing a Metallica shirt swung out a butterfly knife and held it in my direction. “No, you wouldn’t want to.” I said in a deep, serious tone (Trying to sound as badass as possible) I pulled out my cell phone. The two kids withdrew, the one in the Metallica shirt putting away the knife. “Look dude, we don’t like people in our fort, so can you just go?” the one in the Slipknot shirt said, obviously intimidated. I had no business in the forest anyway, so I uttered out a simple “Fine” and turned before I realized I had a great opportunity. “Did either of you hear of a guy who murdered a bunch of kids in these woods about….13 years ago?” I asked the kids. The two looked at each other in confusion, before the one wearing the Metallica shirt answered “Yeah…..EVERYONE knows about that guy” he said to me as if I were stupid. The kid in the Slipknot shirt continued, “He still lives around here, in the storm drain….my big brother’s friend says he saw him in a bear costume once wandering around the forest at night.”

My instincts told me this was probably a lie, and the owner of Caledon Local 21 is probably long gone, only existing as folklore in this smaller isolated community. However as a human, the thought of the mysterious unknown sparks interest within. “And where is the storm drain?” I asked (Just out of curiosity, I don’t actually believe the kid’s story). The Kid in the Metallica shirt stared at me for a few moments, his eyes seemingly full of annoyance, yet curiosity for me. “You’re not from around here, are you? Why did you even come here?” Now I do admit I was slightly startled by the nature of his question, however I figured I might as well explain why I was there, just in case people mistook my intentions. I told the two kids about my experience with the man and Caledon local 21, and that I had to come to maybe seek out some sort of closure (Although though even I wasn’t exactly sure.) The kids seemed familiar with the channel as they smiled and looked at each other when I mentioned it. They also became more understanding and gave me a detailed description on how to get to the storm drain. Shortly after, I decided to just turn around the way I came and head back to the house, leaving the kids at their fort. But now you’re probably wondering why I left out such detail about what the kids told me just now, it is it because I’m choosing to conclude what I have gathered now.

Here is what the kids told me in detail:

  • The storm drain lies ahead of the kids’ fort, the same direction I was heading
  • The drain ends at a small river, where access water is drained out. Near here is a small playground (The kids told me people rarely use it)
  • The man supposedly lives in the large pipe that rain water drains out of, people have seen him, although always either wearing a bear mask or the mask and a full body bear costume. (Note: I do not believe this is true, and in fact simply a myth made by the residents of Caledon. The story does not seem plausible in anyway, why did no one call the police? Didn’t this guy look suspicious? And other questions like these leave the story invalid.
  • I may visit the storm drain. Not because I believe the story, but because I want an excuse to visit Caledon again, so this blog doesn’t die (With no more tapes to watch, I don’t know what to talk about anymore!).

Thanks for continuing to support me and my blog. I know many are looking forward to more information about what happened in Caledon during the year 1999, and I will do my best to continue my research into the topic. Elliot out.

[Update] 10/4/12

Wow nearly 5 months since I last updated. I’m guessing everyone pretty much thinks I was dead right? Thankfully I’m not. But in all my seriousness, I really have been busy these past few months, and a blog about something that could have killed me as a kid is a little low on my current priorities list. As of now I am living in Waterloo Ontario, attending the University of Waterloo for computer engineering (Yeah I’m a keener). As you can imagine, engineering is no walk in the park, so obviously I nearly forgot about this blog. But as you can see now, I am back. I remembered to visit the storm drain the kids from the Caledon forest told me about. It was out in a clearing between the wooded areas, nearby a marsh. Unfortunately, I found absolutely nothing; save for a turtle that retreated into its built-in home when it saw me. I snapped some pics of the pipe which I have posted as well. Also, let me tell you it was NOT a storm drain like they said it was. What I saw was a simple pipe, possibly to channel the access water from the marsh. When I returned from Caledon however, I simply kept putting off uploading everything until I forgot all about my blog. It just didn’t seem important anymore (Please forgive me). It wasn’t until only recently that I am now interested in my case again. On September 10th, I received an email from this email address:

Funny, am I right? Well it gets better. I’m going to copy and paste the exact email this guy sent me:

Dear Elliot,

My dear, dear boy,

I have missed you ever so much, oh how you’ve grown! Your twinkling eyes have stayed the same however, those eyes looking for adventure, oh how imagining them brings warmth to my old bear heart. That day you came to visit me I felt so happy I wanted to go out and pick strawberries. He told me you would come looking! Oh yes he told me you would come looking!

Now it will be soon, you won’t be so lonely soon! I’m ever so sorry I couldn’t say hello when you came to visit, not once, 2 times! Do not threat however, you will soon finally get to play with the other children. I will try making my cellar even more cozier than before!!!

100 fuzzy hugs,

Mr. Bear

Now obviously this letter is fake, but still I would like to thank whoever sent it. Just reading this letter creeped me out, but because of it, I am now full of this new interest to continue my blog. I guess its just funny trying to pursue the mysteries I’ve always questioned. Now my roommate knows about all of this, he thought the letter was real, he actually seemed more scared than I was for a second. But then I shrugged it off, so he did too. I mean, what are the chances of this being real? How would “Mr. Bear” know when I went to Caledon on those occasions? More or less know my email or me still be interested in his cellar. Ha.

I’m going to send a reply to “returntheb”. Wow, just looking at the email address, you can tell someone wanted to freak me out. It didn’t really work though, although to whoever you are, thank you for sparking my interest back into the full matter. Maybe I can find out more about what happened to “Mr. Bear”, hopefully because although I don’t buy that email, a part of me still feels anxious. Thank you to all those who are still following me and have become avid fans, you are also why I am choosing to continue this!

Thanks guys.

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